November Monthly Market Video

I had fun filming this with my mum, Sandy and my dogs. My pug made quite a fuss in the beginning but she gets off my lap pretty quick, and then you will be able to hear me better!
It’s been quite a ride this year, and one thing that remains very apparent is that there is a continued drive from buyers to purchase into our area. As a result of the low inventory, sales dropped slightly, but prices accelerated as buyers keenly watch the market for new listings. It is a challenging time for both Sellers and Buyers, and I empathize with them. If you are thinking of selling, the one question that pops up repeatedly is, where do I go? If you are buying, you are trying to secure a property multiple times until you have won a bidding war. I understand this process well and have been successful in helping my clients this year navigate the tough market.
Across the Fraser Valley, in October, the average number of days to sell a single-family home was 28, and a townhouse was 18 days. Condos took, on average, 27 days to sell. The average sale price for a detached house in South Surrey/White Rock is $1,767,200 | an increase of 22.4%.
For those in a position to capitalize, the increase in real estate wealth offers an opportunity to accelerate retirement plans or, if they are already retired, to supplement income significantly. People who can work from home or find a job elsewhere and move to a lower-cost city may be able to get more houses for their dollar. I have been to see clients that have plans to sell and purchase a smaller home, whether it be a smaller detached home, townhome or condo and be able to put some change in their back pocket from the sale of their home. This can be a daunting exercise, and I have found that the sooner my clients make the move while they have their health and mobility, the better. I can assist in navigating this tough market with defined steps that need to take, and I would be so happy to help you or any friends and family that would require some advice.
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