February 2021 Monthly Market Update

Strongest January on Record
 From January, sales set a new record high for the month, 72% above the 10-year average and 28% higher than the previous record of 1,338 sales in January 2016. There is a societal shift in the last year in how people value their homes, and the common drive is to find more space for people. Investors are excited about the prospect of a seller's market comparable to 2016, and builders are out looking for lots to purchase to build single-family homes. 
I have seen buyers become very motivated and forward in their approach, with some of my clients approached directly by Realtors who represent builders and have offers in hand while my clients were not even in the market to sell. Be careful if this happens, and please call me to help you through this. You need proper representation, even if it is for clarity of what is happening. Inventory continues to be incredibly low everywhere. 
We anticipate the inventory to rise and people to decide to take part in a bustling market. If you plan to take advantage of this market unexpectedly, there is a hurdle of you not knowing where to go once you sell & don't know your options. I have a host of different ways to accomplish this, so again please click on this link https://www.white-rockproperty.com/buying-and-selling-options, and I can send you information.