January 2021 Newsletter

Have a read through my latest newsletters for some design ideas, trends, recipes and puzzles: 

  • If you’re thinking of selling, you may also be thinking about remodeling your kitchen. Kitchen remodels usually offer a high return on investment – and an outdated kitchen is a quick way to deter buyers. https://DMSConnect.cld.bz/Courtesy-of-Amanda-Milford
  • Baked parmesan turkey meatballs make for a mouthwatering weeknight dinner. They're perfect if you're craving meatballs, but want something leaner than the usual ground beef. https://DMSConnect.cld.bz/Courtesy-of-Amanda-Milford
  • January might not be the time of year most people think about upping their curb appeal, but if you’re considering selling or just want to give your home a facelift, the winter is a perfect time to start planning. https://DMSConnect.cld.bz/Courtesy-of-Amanda-Milford/2
  • Trends come and go. But every so often something makes such an impression on the world of interior design – you know it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Meet three such trends. Their secret? Timelessness. No matter the year. No matter the current popular interior styles. These three trends never fail to delight. https://DMSConnect.cld.bz/Courtesy-of-Amanda-Milford/3