Testimonial from Sharon Brownell

(March 21, 2016 , posted in Testimonials)

Amanda Milford

I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to Amanda Milford for the wonderful job she has done in helping us to find our new home. The attention she paid us in really listening to what we need, what is important to us and what we are looking for resulted in us finding our home within a matter of days. With Amanda’s help in reviewing and short listing a number of places based on our criteria, we have a place that is perfect for us and we absolutely love.

Like most transactions there was a bump at the start and during the process that caused worry and frustration. Amanda’s professionalism and knowledge of the business really helped with these bumps. She knew exactly what steps we needed to take next and truly helped to smooth things out. But more than that, the positive and encouraging attitude she demonstrated, as well as her dedication to help us complete the sale and not lose any of the investment we had already placed on the property really paid off. We truly appreciate the work she has done in ensuring our best interest and keeping us information every step of the way.

Finding a house is more than just a big investment for us, it is securing a home for our family and realizing a dream. Having the right person to help us make informed choices and guide us in making timely and right decisions in such a competitive and challenging market… well, we cannot thank Amanda enough for ensuring the peace of mind that she is not just working with us but is looking after us.

On behalf of my family, we sincerely thank Amanda Milford and would heartily recommend her to our friends, family and any that is looking for a great Realtor.


Sharon Brownell